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'Driving for Uber in Kingston is illegal, and punishable by KATC By-Law 2, with potential fines exceeding $1000 per case.'

Advocating Safe, Compliant and Non-Discriminatory Taxi Services

Taxis, as defined by By-Law 2 of the Kingston area taxi commission (katc) is as follows: “"Taxi" or "Taxi Cab" shall mean any motor vehicle used for hire for the transportation of passengers either wholly within the area of the Commission or to any point not more than five (5) kilometers beyond its limits (GENERAL DEFINITIONS 1. (d)).”

What We Stand For

Fare Ride was established to provide transparency and facts to the public on issues that affect public health and safety, discrimination, and breach of laws in relation to the ‘vehicle for hire’ industry. ‘So called’ rideshare services, such as Uber and Lyft, breach laws, as established by municipalities across Canada and around the Globe, in relation to the Taxi Industry. Please Join the discussion today

Public Safety

Unregulated Taxis, such as Uber, do not comply with common Taxi industry standards. The drivers are not required to undergo proper criminal background checks and their vehicles are not subject to the safety standards of regulated cabs. This is a clear breach of laws that were designed to keep our public safe. Who's driving you?


Unregulated Taxis do not accept persons who do not have the means to book or pay electronically. Amongst this group of people are elderly, low income families, and persons with disabilities.

Fare Transparency

Regulated taxis provide transparent fare schedules. In Kingston Ontario, these fares can be found in KATC By-Law 2 Tariffs section. These rates do not change based on demand. Companies like Uber take advantage of people at peak times through price-surging up to 10 times the normal fare.

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KATC 2019 Meeting Dates

KATC 2019 meeting dates http://www.katc.ca/index.php/sidebar/item/100-kingston-area-taxi-commission - KATC meetings are open to the general public and are held once per month in Kingston City Hall. The purpose of the meetings is to discuss changes in relation to By-Laws in the Local Taxi Industry.

Letter to the Taxi Commissioner

I am writing this letter in regard to illegal taxis operating in the city of Kingston. From my understanding, taxis in Kingston are governed by Kingston Area Taxi Commission (KATC) By-Law 2 (link provided below). My purpose is to provide a solution to penalize the Illegal Taxis that defy

Uber Facilitates Illegal Drivers

In Kingston and Area, By-Law 2 (KATC) is the letter of law applicable for ‘all’ vehicles used for hire for the transportation of passengers (Taxi’s) in the jurisdiction. When established, it could not have been forecasted that there would be a bombardment of illegal taxis, of this magnitude, operating in the city today.

ask yourself this question

Is my transportation legal?

As a consumer, it can be hard to tell the legality of a ride service you may use on a regular basis. We are here to shed light on that issue. Our goal is to ensure everyone is safe and that taxi and rideshare companies are following the laws that govern them. Companies such as Uber use an illegal “assume now, ask later” approach. They operate in many cities around the world illegally today in hopes of being legal some day.


Are uber and lyft looking out for you?

Sign the Petition to help stop illegal taxi services from operating in our city.

Driving for Uber in Kingston is punishable under KATC By-Law 2 for fines exceeding $1000 per case (Please see the following link for KATC By-Law 2). What does that mean for you if you operate your vehicle as an Uber or Lyft provider?

Let us assure you. No illegal taxi company will have your back if you are to be fined. You will be completely on your own when dealing with these companies.

They prey on unsuspecting people and are able to go completely unnoticed most of the time until they actually become legal rideshare services.

Is starting off as an illegal business ,and putting the driver at risk, a company that you should be working for or promoting?

Sign our petition to help put a stop to illegal taxi services in Kingston.

“If we don’t uphold our laws, and hold illegal drivers accountable, then there is no point in having any By-Law to govern Taxi’s."

"Corporations, such as Uber and Lyft, are facilitating illegal taxi services by providing a platform for illegal drivers to operate."
Matthew Hull- Founder, Fareride.ca